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Taco Day


Soft-shell or hard, still awesome


Taco night is always a big deal. It’s not like it’s any particular day of the month or week night, but whenever it is agreed upon, it often results in the boyfriend and I gorging ourselves on two huge tacos and then wondering why we would ever possibly eat so much food. They are way easy to make, variable, and filling. Lately they have been reflective of whatever CSA veggies we have been getting, so that means lots of zucchini, peppers, yellow squash, and even the occasional green bean.

Our previous batch consisted of:

  • Burrito wraps from Wegman’s (the regular white ones, for some reason the whole wheat ones do not hold up as well)
  • ‘Meat’ Mixture: TVP (bought in bulk from the local coop) cooked with a packet of vegan taco seasoning
  • A packet of Wegman’s Spanish Rice (this stuff is just too delicious)
  • Zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, diced grape tomatoes – all from the farm share, sauteed until soft
  • The salsa – 1 can each of pinto beans, black beans, chickpeas and corn, mixed with one can of Wegman’s medium salsa. This makes enough to feed an army and there will be a TON left over. That’s okay though because tacos are always good, and any of the leftovers are perfect for eating with Fritos scoops.


The overwhelming amount of salsa.


See, super easy and extremely rewarding. Sometimes we will mix it up, add different beans and veggies, throw in some Daiya cheese, or in the most recent case, add leftover chili into the mix.  I love this based on the amount of leftovers alone. You can be eating tacos for days off of this if you understood portion control (I clearly don’t). Also, these are way cheap to make, especially since Goya beans never fail to be only a few cents (thank you Goya, I love you), and canned corn at Wegman’s is 39 cents all the time.  I would be highly skeptical of any person who doesn’t like tacos.