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I told you I love breakfast right? My original intentions for cooking through My Sweet Vegan were to skip around through each of the sections rather than to cook straight through the book, simply so I would not be making a ton of cakes or cookies all at once.  As it turns out, however, I return once again to the sweet starts section, with yet another muffin. I love them, I can’t help it. There are few things better for gearing up for a crazy work day than relaxing in the early-morning sun in the backyard, listening to birds while reading, fueling up with a cup of coffee (or half a french press, in my case) and a muffin.

And so the Zesty Cranberry Crumb Muffin came next. Well, almost, because I didn’t put on the crumb topping. I didn’t want an ultra-sugary muffin (plus it saved me from eating more margarine too) first thing in the morning – I don’t doubt though that the topping would be great on it, as it the crumbly goodness often found on cobblers and apple pies. The muffins were excellent without it!

If only you could smell these...

Between the orange zest and the dried cranberries plumping up in warm orange juice, the house smelled amazing, each of the scents perfect for a warm-but-not-too-hot summer evening.  They baked great, but were still a little sticky afterward, but this may have been combated had I actually used the crumb topping. I didn’t actually mind though.

Re-hydrating the cranberries in orange juice not only made them nice, plump and soft again, but also added a great taste. Who can deny that oranges and cranberries are fantastic together?  This combined with the orange zest made the muffins intensely flavorful and sweet, without a ton of added sugar. My brother loved these as well (he likes to eat all of my creations), and they only lasted about two and a half days in house. They were still very soft and fresh-seeming going on the third day as well, which was very impressive (I did, however, store them in the toaster oven where they were a little sheltered from the open air). I would love to make these again sometime soon!