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Simple and Sweet French toast #6!


Yep, that’s right. More breakfast food. This time around I made the Simple and Sweet French Toast from My Sweet Vegan. I have tried a handful of different vegan french toast recipes out that I stumbled across on the internet, but none of them had really turned out well. The bread would always become too soggy or would ultimately stick to the pan and cause a big mess, or the nice crunchy part would come off while flipping, leaving a pretty sad looking piece of french toast. So with a shred of optimism,  I tried this one out. French toast was something I used to make all the time before being vegan – I really wanted to find a good, solid recipe I could turn to whenever the craving hit.

Overall, I was satisfied with this recipe. I added slightly less sugar because I wasn’t in the mood for eating super sweet french toast – I just didn’t think it would come close to tasting like the real thing. For the most part, the bread did become nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but I did run into the problem again where the bread would resist flipping and soggy parts would remain. In the end I had to cook each side a little longer than recommended to get the pan-fried crispiness back. Perhaps next time I need to toast the bread a little longer before hand, or wait for the bread to become slightly stale. More oil on the pan may have helped as well I suppose. They did, however, taste delicious when all was said and done. I would make them again but there are still other french toast recipes I want to try out first before claiming this recipe as ‘the one.’


Cookies and Creme Pound Cake – #5!

I again ventured out of the breakfast section of My Sweet Vegan. This was because Wegmans’ O’s (aka Oreos) were on sale, and this recipe called for a bunch of them. As if I ever need any excuse to eat any more of these cookies, especially if they are baked into and sitting on top of a cake.

I really enjoyed this cake!  It didn’t last long, so I know other people in the house liked it as well. I ate A LOT of it though. It definitely had the right texture and consistency of pound cake, and was sweet without being overly sugary. The cake baked really well and was simple to make. It’s always fun to crush a bunch of cookies too. There are only two things I would change if I made it again, one would be the icing – I would thicken it up or not add it at all. Honestly, the cake was good enough with out.  Second, I would try to ind a way to not get the cookies that are supposed to be placed on top to not sink into the cake while baking (I’m not going to lie though, cutting into the cake and finding a whole cookie was not a bad thing), either by being more gentle with them in the beginning, or placing them on the cake prior to or just after removing from the oven. Either way, this was delicious!

Black-Bottom Blondies #4

I actually ventured outside of the breakfast section of My Sweet Vegan! Trust me – I’m surprised too. It was to further my search for the perfect brownie, so it makes sense. The picture of these black-bottom blondies in the book is mouth-watering, so I knew I was going to make them sooner rather than later.

First of all, that were fairly simple to make, which I can really appreciate.  I could tell when I was mixing up the chocolate part of the batter that they were going to be really dense and fudge-y, and I got excited. The batter was relatively thick and already tasted great. Other than looking great, they tasted good too! Particularly the bottom chocolate part. The texture was spot on- exactly what I am looking for from a brownie. My only criticism is that the blonde part of the brownie was somewhat bland and lacking flavor. It wasn’t bad, it was just unexciting and kind of a letdown.  Regardless of this, I would make a full batch of just the bottom part again, because it was delicious and fulfilled my demanding requests from a brownie. I will let you all know when I attempt that!

#3! Oatmeal Raisin Rolls

Again, to the breakfast section (sweet starts) of My Sweet Vegan. I really can’t help myself. Breakfast food is great anytime though, and these oatmeal raisin rolls were good for breakfast, for an after work snack, and as dessert. They were particularly great with coffee, as they turned out slightly dry. Besides them being dry, which could easily be remedied by adding either more butter/soy milk to the dough, they were extremely tasty.

I definitely would make them again, and both my brother and boyfriend seemed to like them. For what it was worth, they were not too labor intensive, and there was no period of waiting for the dough to rise or the yeast to activate, which is nice in terms of saving time or if you wanted them far sooner than later. The oats were a nice addition to the roll, giving it a little more texture and chew than what you normally would expect out of a breakfast roll, and in my opinion also made them hearty and filling. I loved the brown sugar-raisin combination, and the brown sugar that came in contact with the bottom of the pan caramelized and became very gooey and delicious. Next time I would pull them off the pan and immediately flip them over so the gooey side is facing up. I think they are great alone, but the potential for adding frosting and icing is always there. The rolls themselves aren’t overly sweet, which is what I liked about them, so I found no need to add any other sugar concoctions to the top of them.

They also made the house smell awesome while baking!

A tasty stack of them!


I told you I love breakfast right? My original intentions for cooking through My Sweet Vegan were to skip around through each of the sections rather than to cook straight through the book, simply so I would not be making a ton of cakes or cookies all at once.  As it turns out, however, I return once again to the sweet starts section, with yet another muffin. I love them, I can’t help it. There are few things better for gearing up for a crazy work day than relaxing in the early-morning sun in the backyard, listening to birds while reading, fueling up with a cup of coffee (or half a french press, in my case) and a muffin.

And so the Zesty Cranberry Crumb Muffin came next. Well, almost, because I didn’t put on the crumb topping. I didn’t want an ultra-sugary muffin (plus it saved me from eating more margarine too) first thing in the morning – I don’t doubt though that the topping would be great on it, as it the crumbly goodness often found on cobblers and apple pies. The muffins were excellent without it!

If only you could smell these...

Between the orange zest and the dried cranberries plumping up in warm orange juice, the house smelled amazing, each of the scents perfect for a warm-but-not-too-hot summer evening.  They baked great, but were still a little sticky afterward, but this may have been combated had I actually used the crumb topping. I didn’t actually mind though.

Re-hydrating the cranberries in orange juice not only made them nice, plump and soft again, but also added a great taste. Who can deny that oranges and cranberries are fantastic together?  This combined with the orange zest made the muffins intensely flavorful and sweet, without a ton of added sugar. My brother loved these as well (he likes to eat all of my creations), and they only lasted about two and a half days in house. They were still very soft and fresh-seeming going on the third day as well, which was very impressive (I did, however, store them in the toaster oven where they were a little sheltered from the open air). I would love to make these again sometime soon!

Baking Quest 1!

After staring at the My Sweet Vegan cook book, by Hannah Kaminsky, I decided that I wanted to bake my way through the entire thing. Everything looks absolutely delicious in it, and I have a love for baked goods like you would not believe. Baking is the ultimate stress reliever for me, and who needs retail therapy when you can bake your way to happiness? I realize this will take time and effort, and I am totally fine with that.

I love breakfast. So much. There’s a reason why it is the best and most important meal of the day. In this mindset, I decided to start in the sweet starts section, beginning with the Better Banana Nut Muffin. I followed the directions/ingredients exactly, except for the fact that I made it nut-less. At this point in time I was looking for a muffin without a crunch but that was brimming with bananas, and this was the recipe, as it uses both dried and mashed bananas.

Fresh out of the oven

Everyone in the house loved them, and I even got my father to eat them (he usually will never knowingly eat vegan food)! They truly lasted less than a day, probably because they were the perfect amount of crunchy from the oats, yet soft from the bananas. The addition of the dried bananas really took these muffins to the next level.

While there were some left....

I even ate some for breakfast, and then took one to work with me….

The final one

I would easily make them again. They were not all that time consuming, and they were well worth any invested effort anyhow. Perhaps next time I would even add the nuts, as there is nothing about the recipe I would change now regardless. Better banana muffin? I think so.