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Cookies and Creme Pound Cake – #5!

I again ventured out of the breakfast section of My Sweet Vegan. This was because Wegmans’ O’s (aka Oreos) were on sale, and this recipe called for a bunch of them. As if I ever need any excuse to eat any more of these cookies, especially if they are baked into and sitting on top of a cake.

I really enjoyed this cake!  It didn’t last long, so I know other people in the house liked it as well. I ate A LOT of it though. It definitely had the right texture and consistency of pound cake, and was sweet without being overly sugary. The cake baked really well and was simple to make. It’s always fun to crush a bunch of cookies too. There are only two things I would change if I made it again, one would be the icing – I would thicken it up or not add it at all. Honestly, the cake was good enough with out.  Second, I would try to ind a way to not get the cookies that are supposed to be placed on top to not sink into the cake while baking (I’m not going to lie though, cutting into the cake and finding a whole cookie was not a bad thing), either by being more gentle with them in the beginning, or placing them on the cake prior to or just after removing from the oven. Either way, this was delicious!