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Black-Bottom Blondies #4

I actually ventured outside of the breakfast section of My Sweet Vegan! Trust me – I’m surprised too. It was to further my search for the perfect brownie, so it makes sense. The picture of these black-bottom blondies in the book is mouth-watering, so I knew I was going to make them sooner rather than later.

First of all, that were fairly simple to make, which I can really appreciate.  I could tell when I was mixing up the chocolate part of the batter that they were going to be really dense and fudge-y, and I got excited. The batter was relatively thick and already tasted great. Other than looking great, they tasted good too! Particularly the bottom chocolate part. The texture was spot on- exactly what I am looking for from a brownie. My only criticism is that the blonde part of the brownie was somewhat bland and lacking flavor. It wasn’t bad, it was just unexciting and kind of a letdown.  Regardless of this, I would make a full batch of just the bottom part again, because it was delicious and fulfilled my demanding requests from a brownie. I will let you all know when I attempt that!


In search of the best brownie ever

I know that there are people out there who love brownies that are light and airy, more cake-like than not. I am not one of those people. I want my brownies to be dense, chocolate-y and ultra fudge-y. If I wanted chocolate cake, I would bake a chocolate cake. Anyhow, once my friend Morgan posted that she had made some great brownies, of course I had to try them out myself.
The original recipe was not in good ol’ metric measurements, so I had to convert them. After wards, I wish I would have had a scale and used the milliliter side of the measuring cup, but now I know for next time.
Also, this makes A LOT of brownies. But that’s ok – it’s good to have some laying around for later!


Mix 2 oz (1/4 cup) of flour with 230 mL (1 cup) of cold water, and then heat slowly in a pan just until thick. Whisk to remove lumps, and remove from heat right after they disappear. Then, melt 8 oz (1 cup) of margarine/Earth Balance, and mix in 4 oz (1/2 cup) cocoa powder. Following this, add in 1 lb of brown sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1 tsp vanilla to the cooled water and flour mix, beating it until smooth. To this, add the cocoa and margarine and beat some more. Finally, add 6 oz (3/4 cup) flour and 2 tsp baking powder into the batter and stir until completely smooth.

Place the batter into a greased 9 x 13 pan, and bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes to an hour.

These brownies were great, but not really what I was looking for. I think the brown sugar was a bit overpowering, and next time I would add less. This could be because of the conversions however, so I wouldn’t immediately count this recipe out.  Still more cake-like in some parts than what I had my heart set on, but if you were to slap some chocolate ganache or throw some chocolate chips in there, they would probably be even more awesome. For now, onward until I find the perfect brownie.