My apologies!

I have been clearly slacking here. Things have been hectic! Tuesday night I started baking in preparation for Thanksgiving. I came home from work and got right to making a pumpkin pie. Wednesday night was full of making a sweet potato casserole and sourdough cranberry stuffing, and Thanksgiving day involved making an apple pie and vegan gravy for the Tofurkey my brother-in-lay to be cooked up (and it was delicious!). Black Friday I did absolutely no cooking outside of reheating leftovers but…. the fiance and I adopted a cat!

We have considered adopting for a couple of months now, considering our options and deciding if the timing was right to welcome a cat into the home. After almost getting a cat earlier and the owner neglecting to call us back, we turned to the SPCA. We then went to the local PetSmart as we knew the SPCA had cats up for adoption there. We saw two older cats we adored, and went home to think about it over the holidays. When Friday rolled around, we had decided we did in fact want a cat in our lives (especially after thinking about all the homeless cats in shelters and on the streets while we were sitting around eating mass amounts of food), we went back to Petsmart to look at the cats up for adoption we had previously considered. When trying to hold and play with them to get a sense of their personalities, we were told we first needed a pre-approval for adoption from the SPCA. So, we jumped in the car to go to the SPCA. Fifteen minutes later, we get there to find out that the SPCA is closed. Remembering that the SPCA does adoptions out of the mall as well, we ventured there, a brave thing to do on Black Friday (it was indeed chaos). We walked in and underwent the process to get a pre-approval. Before we left to go back to PetSmart, we looked at the cats that were there. And then we found Malachi. A bright-eyes, adorable 7 month old whose sister had been adopted earlier that morning. The woman volunteering asked if we wanted to go into a play with him, and we agreed. It was all over from there. We instantly loved him, and he seemed to take to us as well. By the end of the day, everything seemed to work out in the most bizarre yet perfect of ways, and now Malachi is hiding under the bed, acclimating to his new home. Between all the excitement of Thanksgiving and bringing the most adorable cat ever into our home, I have completely forgotten to blog. I promise I will make up for it however, as I was able to snap a few shots of the Thanksgiving feast, and of course, of my new baby.


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