BBQ Tofu

I love BBQ sauce. Lately I’ve just been using Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (it really is amazing) whenever I feel the need to put sauce on things, mainly Boca chickens and the various dishes they make it into. On this particular night, I made the Backyard BBQ Sauce from the Veganomicon. I followed the recipe until the very end, where I added chunks of pineapple and a small amount of pineapple juice. After reading the ingredient label of Sweet Baby Ray’s, I realized that it has pineapple in it, and that must be what makes it amazing. I think I was right.

They cooked up great (I baked them instead of pan-frying), they had just enough of a bite to them. The BBQ sauce was an awesome combination of sweet and sour, and the chunks of pineapple in it were great. It was almost a little too tangy, so I think next time I would add less vinegar if I were to add the pineapple juice as well. I served it over a slice of toasted wheat bread, alongside some sweet corn and maple-mustard glazed string beans and potatoes (from Vegan with a Vengeance). I had a decent amount of BBQ sauce left over and served it up another day with some Chickpea cutlets. It’s good to know the sauce is versatile and lends itself well to other dishes. If you get the chance, you should definitely make the sauce – it was great with the baked tofu!


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  1. BBQ sauce and tofu mmmmmm. Thanks for the tip of adding pineapple to the BBQ sauce.

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