Chickpea cutlets!

Chickpea cutlets - the favorite child of the Veganomicon

Even before making these, I had heard nothing but good things about them. Even the little blurb before them in the cookbook says how they (Isa and Teresa) are super proud of it. They have every reason to be. These are super easy to make (and you can make them fairly quickly too, which is makes them even better), they are extremely versatile, and a fabulous meat substitute. The texture of these is spot on, dense and slightly chewy, for a stand in for something like fake chicken, especially if you were to use seasoned or Panko bread crumbs instead of the plain ones. They smell delicious when cooking (I fried them in a pan, but they can be baked in the oven as well, which perhaps I will try next time), and even have a scary resemblance to their real meat counterparts. I think the best part of them however, is that they are absolutely fantastic whether or not you want them to be a stand-in for meat or not.

I can see these working perfectly in a chicken parm dish, which I can see myself making anytime now, smothered in sauce and vegan Parmesan cheese. This time when I made them, I served them alongside a string bean and potato casserole, and drizzled some left over tahini dressing on top of them (they went very well together!). I love this recipe so much. I like the idea of making my own meat substitutes rather than just buying Boca burgers and letting them do the job. Plus, it is more rewarding making them yourself, even if it does require a little extra time and effort.


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  1. Mo Said:

    Chickpea cutlets are awesome! I’m thinking about using white beans instead of chickpeas so I can use up all the white beans in my pantry.

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