An interruption

I wanted to take a break from my normal blogging ventures and spread the word about the Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey program going on. It’s fantastic and has received a lot of publicity lately, especially as Ellen DeGeneres has signed on to be the spokeswoman (and she’s awesome too). Everyone should check it out and spread the word – Thanksgiving really should be for the turkeys!

I don’t think many people stop to consider the horror behind Thanksgiving – the mass amount of turkeys sent to their death in ‘honor’ of a holiday, but not after being forced to live in horrible conditions for the duration of their severely shortened life. This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the hormones they are fed and how they are purposely bred/killed to create a larger turkey, so much so that they cannot even support their own body weight.

Turkeys are typical amazingly social animals and caring parents. Chicks will stay with their protective mothers for up to five months, where they are babied and learn necessary habits for grooming, feeding, and more. They are naturally super inquisitive, and are able to recognize the faces of humans. So if you can’t sponsor a turkey this year, at least be conscious of your choices and the food on your plate!



  1. Tasty Yummies Said:

    You can also urge President Obama to send the pardoned Turkeys to Farm Sanctuary:

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