Simple and Sweet French toast #6!


Yep, that’s right. More breakfast food. This time around I made the Simple and Sweet French Toast from My Sweet Vegan. I have tried a handful of different vegan french toast recipes out that I stumbled across on the internet, but none of them had really turned out well. The bread would always become too soggy or would ultimately stick to the pan and cause a big mess, or the nice crunchy part would come off while flipping, leaving a pretty sad looking piece of french toast. So with a shred of optimism,  I tried this one out. French toast was something I used to make all the time before being vegan – I really wanted to find a good, solid recipe I could turn to whenever the craving hit.

Overall, I was satisfied with this recipe. I added slightly less sugar because I wasn’t in the mood for eating super sweet french toast – I just didn’t think it would come close to tasting like the real thing. For the most part, the bread did become nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but I did run into the problem again where the bread would resist flipping and soggy parts would remain. In the end I had to cook each side a little longer than recommended to get the pan-fried crispiness back. Perhaps next time I need to toast the bread a little longer before hand, or wait for the bread to become slightly stale. More oil on the pan may have helped as well I suppose. They did, however, taste delicious when all was said and done. I would make them again but there are still other french toast recipes I want to try out first before claiming this recipe as ‘the one.’


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