Curry and Cajun Fries

When first flipping through Vegan with a Vengeance after it came in the mail, the recipe for Chickpea Spinach Curry really stood out. I love curry (and curry powder, for that matter). There are very few dishes that can pack a powerful punch with spices, fill you up and warm your insides. Plus, look at this dish, it is gorgeous! I also love spinach and chickpeas, so this clearly was a match made in heaven.

More flavorful than you can imagine

Making the curry was fairly simply and quick. The boyfriend and I followed the recipe, except for the fact that we threw in some beets and string beans from our farm share. It turns out that they worked really well with the curry (the beets, however, could have been cooked a little longer before hand so they may have been softer). The best part of cooking this recipe was watching/listening to the mustard seeds pop while in the oil. I never knew they did that – and they smelled similar to popcorn too.

The curry itself was great! Having a tomato base rather than a traditional coconut milk base worked really well and made the curry less dense (and less in fat and calories too, if you worry about such a thing). I actually liked having chunks of tomatoes in my curry, this could be because I really love tomatoes though. It had that distinct curry taste and the chickpeas, spinach and beans were just the right amount of soft and filling. The only negative comment I have about the recipe is that it seemed like there was too much coriander in it. Next time I would put slightly less in as so that it is less over powering.

Leftovers spiced up with some french fries

For dinner the following day I had another bowl of the left over curry (it made a lot!), along with the Cajun baked french fries from Vegan with a Vengeance. They are great! I added a little too much oil by accident (I was surprised at how fast it came out, oops!) but other than that they were fantastic. They seems like a strange combination with the curry, but trust me, it really worked out, particularly given their crunchiness.  I loved the seasoning on them and how they crisped up in the oven – I like my fries well done and crunchy. I don’t understand why anyone would want McDonald’s fried when you could just have these.


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