CSA – A wonderful thing

Rather than posting something I cooked or baked today, I wanted to write a little bit on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and the farm share that my boyfriend purchased for the household. First of all, it must be immediately said – it is a wonderful thing! It provides us with fresh vegetables every week (in our case, on Saturdays) and forces to cook and eat vegetables that we normally may not buy or eat, which is also a good thing. Before having the farm share I had never cooked or ate kohlrabi, and now I love it.

More CSA veggies!

There are so many reasons, other than the one previously mentioned, why CSA is awesome. Over all, for the amount of fresh vegetables we are getting, we really are saving money, as everyone knows that vegetables can be quite expensive, while the junk-sugar-high-fructose-corn-syrup-who-knows-what foods are the cheapest. You pay a fee at the beginning of the season (ours was summer/fall), and get an overflowing bag of vegetables every week delivered to a specific location (or sometimes you may have to drive out to the farm). We joined when the season had already started, and received a bit of a discount as well. While we do not know exactly what we will be receiving each week until the day of due to differences in weather, crop yield, harvesting, etc, we do know ahead of time what we will be receiving per month. Right now, I am very excited for the upcoming pumpkins!

Sauteeing squah - there was so much of it at one point

It is a good way to keep you more in touch with you food. You know exactly where your food is coming from – in our case, Porter Farms, and also helps support local farmers, businesses, and families. Your food is traveling less distance to get to you, and the veggies often times seem more fresh than anything you will ever buy in the store. The kale we get is always fresher than anything in the store, and two weeks ago we received the most beautiful head of Romaine lettuce I had ever laid eyes on.

Farm share vegetable and vinegarette - a simple but great snack

In short, I love our farm share and would highly recommend supporting CSA!

Seitan and summer squashes - making use of the plethora of zucchini!


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