Black-Bottom Blondies #4

I actually ventured outside of the breakfast section of My Sweet Vegan! Trust me – I’m surprised too. It was to further my search for the perfect brownie, so it makes sense. The picture of these black-bottom blondies in the book is mouth-watering, so I knew I was going to make them sooner rather than later.

First of all, that were fairly simple to make, which I can really appreciate.  I could tell when I was mixing up the chocolate part of the batter that they were going to be really dense and fudge-y, and I got excited. The batter was relatively thick and already tasted great. Other than looking great, they tasted good too! Particularly the bottom chocolate part. The texture was spot on- exactly what I am looking for from a brownie. My only criticism is that the blonde part of the brownie was somewhat bland and lacking flavor. It wasn’t bad, it was just unexciting and kind of a letdown.  Regardless of this, I would make a full batch of just the bottom part again, because it was delicious and fulfilled my demanding requests from a brownie. I will let you all know when I attempt that!


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