#3! Oatmeal Raisin Rolls

Again, to the breakfast section (sweet starts) of My Sweet Vegan. I really can’t help myself. Breakfast food is great anytime though, and these oatmeal raisin rolls were good for breakfast, for an after work snack, and as dessert. They were particularly great with coffee, as they turned out slightly dry. Besides them being dry, which could easily be remedied by adding either more butter/soy milk to the dough, they were extremely tasty.

I definitely would make them again, and both my brother and boyfriend seemed to like them. For what it was worth, they were not too labor intensive, and there was no period of waiting for the dough to rise or the yeast to activate, which is nice in terms of saving time or if you wanted them far sooner than later. The oats were a nice addition to the roll, giving it a little more texture and chew than what you normally would expect out of a breakfast roll, and in my opinion also made them hearty and filling. I loved the brown sugar-raisin combination, and the brown sugar that came in contact with the bottom of the pan caramelized and became very gooey and delicious. Next time I would pull them off the pan and immediately flip them over so the gooey side is facing up. I think they are great alone, but the potential for adding frosting and icing is always there. The rolls themselves aren’t overly sweet, which is what I liked about them, so I found no need to add any other sugar concoctions to the top of them.

They also made the house smell awesome while baking!

A tasty stack of them!


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