Zilly Cakes!

I didn’t think there was anywhere I could go within walking distance of my apartment to get a vegan cupcake whenever the urge hit. Then, I was informed that Zilly Cakes, just a few blocks away (located at 1008 Elmwood Avenue), had a different vegan cupcake every month.  Zilly Cakes is perhaps best known for its cupcake portrait of Obama, and has also been featured in many wedding magazines for their gorgeous cakes. This is great for my sweet tooth, but not too much for my gut.  My first cupcake from there was this:

Technically, I bought and ate two. But it is a banana cupcake (this would have been good on it’s own even) with peanut butter frosting, and peanut butter cap’n crunch cereal on top, as I chose that from one of their multiple toppings. The cupcake was delicious – it was so moist and had a great banana flavor, and the peanut butter frosting packed so much flavor as well, being rich without being overly sugary. The Cap’n Crunch cereal on top added to the texture by giving just a little bit of a crunch, and of course contributed more peanut butter goodness.

Since then, I have gone there multiple times, once having the boyfriend making a run during the US-Ghana world cup game to grab us some while I held our seats at a near-by coffee shop. It was a chocolate cupcake with cookies and creme frosting, which sadly I do not have a picture of, but trust me, it was also great and beautiful as well.

I have since learned that Dolci, which is less than a block away, also has vegan baked goods. All you simply have to do is ask which ones are vegan! I have bought numerous mini-cupcakes and cookies from them, including specially requested buffalo cut-out sugar cookies with icing, which were adorable and SO GOOD. The non-vegans thought it was too good to be vegan.


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